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The below premium calculation tool is provided for use by builders, owner-builders and homeowners.  This tool calculates the total premium payable including Stamp Duty, GST and broker commission for any project type and value up to $1million. For projects over a $1 million an 'indicative only' price is quoted. Brokers can arrange a premium quote for contract values over $1 million.

Builders and owner-builders should contact their insurance broker who can provide more information regarding their specific circumstances and about any additional fees the broker may charge. 
For further information on the determination of premium rates for home warranty insurance please refer to the section of this website on Premiums.
Important Notice to Builders
Builders should NOT quote, tender or contract for projects which are outside their approved eligibility profile or without first obtaining eligibility. The builder should first apply via their broker for eligibility or to have their eligibility profile amended to cover the project that they are interested in undertaking- refer to the Eligibility section of this website for information on how to do this.
The requirements to be satisfied in order to obtain eligibility or to have their eligibility profile amended may involve the builder incurring costs that should be taken into consideration when quoting, tendering and/or contracting for a project (e.g. requirements to participate in the Building Contract Review Program, increase equity in their business etc.).  
Inputs for Premium Calculation

The Total Premium displayed includes broker commission. Please contact your broker if you wish to arrange cover. Refer to your Broker for additional service fees that may apply.

HBCF Premiums - PostCode Guide
Metropolitan Regional
(Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast)
From To From To
2000 2309 2311 2312
2315 2327 2328 2551
2555 2574 2575 2739
2745 2786 2787 2899
and 3644, 3691, 3707,
4377, 4380, 4383, 4385
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References on this website to builders and building work include and apply to trade contractors and other building contractors (e.g. electrical contractors, plumbers, carpenters, swimming pool builders etc.) and to trade and other residential building work (e.g. electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry, swimming pool construction/installation etc.).
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